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Keep in mind that your insurance coverage may or may not include all types of accidents or damage mentioned. Nothing on this website, or on the forms, alters the coverages available to you under your  policy.

If an accident or other loss occurs, please contact us ASAP so we can help you start collecting the  information and documentation needed as time is critical and accurate reporting essential for the fasted claims results.

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You will need to fill out the Aircraft Insurance Application so that we have all the details about you and your plane and can get you the best possible quotes.

Fill out the Pilot Questionnaire form to update your hours and certifications to get all the discounts available for your experience.   

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Question to consider before buying Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance policies are not all alike. Coverages, conditions and exclusions vary from one carrier to another– often considerably. And so do premiums. But how do you decide which policy provides you the best coverage for your insurance dollar? The following question is designed to help you start thinking about the cowage you need and will help us find the best policy for you.

Describe how you will use your aircraft.

Is it just for my own personal transportation?

Do I expect to charge anyone for using or riding in my aircraft?

Are all operations on paved airports? Any grass strips or off-airport operations?

Do I plan to fly outside the Continental US or Canada to places such as Mexico, the Bahamas or elsewhere?

Other uses – will the aircraft be used for any other activities such as towing or sky diving? 

Know who will fly your aircraft -all pilots flying the aircraft should be discussed with Aviation Insurance Experts.

Are there any student pilots flying my aircraft?

Are there other pilots who fly on my behalf?

Are there any other pilots with specific special consideration such as foreign license or waivers, etc.? 

Discuss what value should be placed on your aircraft with Aviation Insurance Experts.

At what value should I insure my aircraft? 

Have there been any upgrades to aviaonics? 

What level of deductible are you looking for?

Questions or need to claim?

Call or email us right away so that we can help you collect all the information you will need to provide. You will receive our personal assistance to help you every step of the way. 

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