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Renter and Non Owner Pilot Insurance

Pilots flying any aircraft they do not own should carry Insurance that covers Aircraft Liability and Physical Damage.  There are only 4 insurance carriers that provide this coverage. They are NOT all equal.  

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 Minimize Risk When Operating Rented Aircraft

Insurance policies are designed to protect the Named Insured.  Flight Schools or Flying Clubs may tell you, you are covered under their policy.  Their policy will NOT protect you if you get sued due to damage or injury to someone.  Their insurance carrier may be the one who sues you to recover their losses after they pay a claim.  If you fly aircraft you do not own? You may want to check out the affordability of Non Owned coverage.

Non Owner Pilot Insurance

Pilots flying an aircraft they do not own should carry Aircraft Liability Insurance, Aircraft Physical Damage and Medical Payments Coverage.

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Just fill out the online application and the automated system will email all your documents as soon as payment is received. 

Coverage and Premiums

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CFI Flight Instructors Insurance

Check the Certified Flight Instructor box on the non owner insurance and purchase online in minute.

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Questions to ask when purchasing renter’s insurance?

  • What limit of liability do I need? Being sued is unfortunately a common risk.  Your financial net worth is highest consideration to determine the limit of coverage needed.
  • What limit of physical damage to Non Owned aircraft do I need? There are many factors and variables to consider. The owner of the aircraft will have some guidelines or requirements. We are also available to help answer all your questions and determine which limit is the best for you.
  • What if I have a claim? You will receive our personal assistance to help you every step of the way.  Call or email us right away so that we can help you collect all the information you will need.

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