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Aviation Business Insurance

Our expert insurance agents can write coverage on everything relating to the aviation business. Our company was founded by pilots, and we make it a priority to be experts in all aspects of the aviation industry. Whether a flight school or the largest Fortune 500 companies we will help you with every step in the process.

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Optimum Business Coverage

We are pilots like yourself, and are glad to help you in your journey! Our team is committed to offer the best aviation insurance for all businesses dealing related with aviation.  Providing a full range of aircraft insurance and aviation insurance products to clients of all sizes, we represent all of the major aviation insurance markets so we can offer you the broadest package of protection at the best available rates. Let us save you time and money by finding the right aviation insurance solution for you. We are always here to answer any of your questions +1 682 583 0474

Commercial Aviation Insurance Solutions

We maintain an extensive network of experienced, knowledgeable underwriters and claims specialists, all working to ensure that you have optimum coverage.

Aircraft Charter Insurance

Our aircraft charter insurance policies cover a wide range commercial aviation exposure from single aircraft charter coverage to multiple aircraft fleets and aviation freight operations.

Commercial Aviation

An important part of protecting a valuable piece of property and your business, make sure you get the right cowage for all your line of business.

Aviation Professional Liability

If you operate an aviation company, it’s imperative that you have aviation professional liability insurance. tese policies protect you from professional liability and are a legal requirement.

Flight Schools, Clubs and Products

Every flight school and club is unique. The exact aircraft you own and operate, your amenities, your number of employees, and the location of your flight training facility, are just a few of the many factors that determine not only what types of coverage you need but also the amounts for which you need to insure yourself.

Flight School Insurance

Flight school insurance policies cover a wide range of flight instruction and rental operations witch can include: university flight schools, instruction and rental businesses. Policies for single-ship operations up to the largest flight schools in the country.

Flying Club

Flying club insurance policies are backed by A+ rated aviation insurance companies and offer coverages such as: liability coverage, physical damage coverage and may include cross-liability coverage..

Aviation Products Liability Insurance

 Aviation parts manufacturing business need to carry comprehensive aviation products liability insurance policies that provide coverage for aviation parts and components. Aviation product manufacturers can mitigate their exposure for parts they produce, in the event there are manufacturing defects, malfunctions, misuse or incorrect installation.

Airport, Maintenance and Liability

Our expert underwriters have the highly technical aviation knowledge required to work closely with you to evaluate your client’s individual exposure. Our unique approach is not based on where you or your client fits within a predefined pool of companies, but rather looks at the specific risks of each individual company. We design coverage that takes into account how your client is uniquely exposed to risk, and rates each business based on its performance, not on how the rest of the market performs.

Airport Liability Insurance

Airport liability insurance is essential for any airport or FBO that wants to protect itself from potential risk, we has the experience and expertise to help you find the right policy.

Airport Maintenance

Airport liability insurance is essential for any airport or FBO. This type of insurance can help protect you from a variety of risks, including aircraft accidents, passenger injuries, and property damage.

Airport Mechanic

Provide coverage for your aircraft maintenance business. Performing maintenance on aircraft by nature, increases your total liability exposure and it’s important to mitigate that increased risk with an aircraft maintenance insurance policy.

Corporate and Fleet Management

Offering tailored, comprehensive products at competitive prices backed by superior service and unparalleled underwriting expertise for the aerospace industry.

Corporate  Aviation

We can an protect your investment with customized options that help minimize risk. If a loss does occur, our dedicated team of aviation professionals will respond whenever and wherever they’re needed

Aviation Fleet Management 

Aircraft Fleet Management and Executive Jet Management 

Types of Aviation Insurance

You aviation business is going to need some combination of these insurances depending on the services you offer, wither you deal with the public,  are location base , have employees and much more. Aviation Insurance Experts will help taylor you policy to your exact business needs. 

Premises Liability Coverage

This coverage offers 3rd party protection for the aviation business or policyholder, in the event of an accident or incident occurring within the hangar or property premises.

Hangarkeepers Liability

Covers liabilities incurred for aircraft within your control such as physical damages to aircraft, loss of use and loss of value.

Liability Coverage

This coverage offers 3rd party protection operator and policyholder, in the event of an accident or incident resulting in bodily injury or property damage, due to the commercial operation of an insured aircraft.
Typically includes coverage for legal defense, in the event the operator or policyholder is sued, due to an accident or incident involving one of the insured aircraft. 

Aviation Workers Compensation Coverage

This type of coverage can help protect your employees in case they are injured while working on airport property.


This is an optional coverage that includes coverage for  when they are involved in an accident or incident due to the actions of another club member

Fleet Damages

Commercial aviation insurance provides coverage for your fleet in the event that one or more of your airplanes are damaged.

Hull Coverage

Covers physical damage to the club’s aircraft, up to the agreed value of the aircraft insured.
Typical coverages includes Full-Flight-Hull, Ground In-Motion, and Ground Not-In-Motion 

Errors or Omissions

You may find yourself at financial risk if you make errors or omissions when you carry out your professional duties. We help to alleviate this risk.

Breach of Professional Duties: 

If you don’t carry out your professional duties as expected in an aviation professional position, you could face stiff financial damages. We’ll help take the load off in certain circumstances.

Passenger injuries

This type of insurance may cover injuries sustained by passengers while on airport property.

Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality

As an aviation professional, you may have access to confidential information and may unintentionally share that information with someone who doesn’t have access, resulting in financial damages. We can help you cover those costs if they arise.

Third-party bodily injury

This coverage can help pay for the medical expenses and damages incurred by an injured third party on airport property.

Lawsuits and litigation

Cover the costs of legal defense, settlements, and damages that may be awarded in a suit..

Property damage

If property is damaged on airport grounds, this insurance can help pay for the repairs.

Aircraft accidents

If an accident occurs on the airport property, this insurance can help cover the costs of repairs, replacements, and medical expenses.

Third-party property damage

If property owned by a third party is damaged while on airport premises, this coverage can help pay for the repairs.

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