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Certified Flight Instructors Insurance

Instructing in non-owned aircraft and acting in a CFI capacity carries with it an increased risk of liability exposure because naturally, in the event of an accident or incident the focus immediately turns to you as the instructor. Get cover immediately with a online quote and bind process.

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 Minimize Risk When Instructing

Aircraft insurance policies are designed to protect the owner of the aircraft, flight school  or aircraft not the CFI.  The insurance company could pay a claim to the owner and then sue you to recover their losses in case of any damage and you can be held personally liable for aircraft physical damage, property damage, bodily injury and more. Our CFI Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance is designed to cover the CFI in the event of a loss.

CFI Non Owner Pilot Insurance

CFI's should always carry Aircraft Liability Insurance, Aircraft Physical Damage and Medical Payments Coverage.

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Why do you need CFI non-owned aircraft insurance?

Whenever you operate an aircraft you do not own, you’re exposing yourself to liability if you harm someone, damage someone’s property, or damage the aircraft…do not expect the owner’s policy to protect you or your interests.
CFI Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Policy includes the following coverage options:
Liability Coverage for instruction, flight reviews, check rides and personal flying.
Property damage liability coverage for damage that you cause to other people’s property.
Damage you cause to the non-owned aircraft you are instructing in.


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