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Drone Insurance


Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance

A: The way you use your drone determines if you are at risk.

The use of drones is an emerging industry with unlimited possibilities and applications. As the technology increases and popularity grows, laws and regulations are created. Drone Insurance is a necessity to protect yourself and your financial interests. If you are using your drone for business purposes, your liability exposure is increased and your chance of being sued for invasion of privacy or damage to a person or property increases.

Most people don’t realize that drones are actually classified as aircraft and are governed by the FAA. Therefore they are usually excluded from homeowners, business, or umbrella policies.

Q: If your business and homeowners insurance excludes drone coverage, where do you get it?
A: From an aviation insurance carrier that specializes in FAA regulations.

Other aviation agents can provide insurance for your drone but how many actually fly them? The founder of Aviation Insurance Experts, Chad Smolik, has been flying radio controlled aircraft for more than a decade. As an FAA licensed drone operator he is very familiar with the process of becoming FAA compliant. Our personal experience is why we offer a variety of drone insurance solutions.

Q: Is Insurance required for my Drone?
A: If your drone is used for any kind of business the FAA requires the operator to have a license. There is NO requirement for insurance at this time.

The purpose of insurance is to protect you and your financial interests. Choosing to purchase insurance is a wise decision based on the increased risk of using your drone.

Here is some information regarding the increasing risks of using drones.

  • The FAA controls regulation of unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, UAV, UAS and SUAVs.
  • Most states have enacted laws for drones and more municipalities are requiring owners and operators to carry drone insurance and most businesses require proof of insurance to hire a drone operator.
  • Drone liability and personal injury claims are expected to be a new sub-specialty for personal injury attorneys according to Claims Journal.
  • For commercial drone operations, Fox Rothschild Attorneys at Law recommend the following types of insurance be considered (1) liability (2) personal injury to others (3) protection for privacy violations (4) property damage coverage (5) workers compensation.
  • “Insurance providers who offer aviation-specific claims management are better able to offer the customized drone insurance operators will need in the months and years ahead” –Global Aerospace.

Aviation Insurance Experts can help you with proper drone insurance coverage.

Our desire is to help you fly with coverage and confidence in accordance with the regulations.

Drone Coverage

  • Liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury
  • Hull coverage for physical damage to your drone
  • Payload coverage for cameras or equipment carried by your drone
  • Ground equipment coverage for ground stations
  • Non-Owned
    • Liability
    • Hull
    • Payload
  • Personal Injury coverage for libel, slander, violation of privacy and copyright infringement

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